November 30, 1941

To Martin's Family

We suspect that this was Martin's last letter to his family in Germany, but that it was never received (the returned envelope is shown below).

Meine Lieben,

We are extremely anxious to hear from you. Your last letter was from Sept 30, and since your telegram we have not received any news, so we have no idea what we should do. It does not make any sense if we get you the Cuba visas and then you cannot get away at all. Hopefully you get your exit permit soon. Or, should we just get one visa for you, dear father, as I don’t think at your age the exit permit would be too difficult. But then the immigration into the U.S.A. might become difficult as long as Hede is still over there. We discussed this in detail with Uncle Salomon today, during his birthday party, but they could not give us any advice. They are all sending their greetings, by the way, also greetings from Hermann Wartensleben who works in the same factory as Mitzi’s father. As I heard from Uncle Salmon, Margot and her husband arrived in New York 2 weeks ago, only Uncle Jacob is still over there.

We have now been married for a whole year; time really flies. It feels to me it was just last week, and we cannot imagine living apart from one another. But if I am already talking anniversaries, I would not like to forget your birthday dear Mrs Kossmann, nor yours, dear Father, so Happy Birthday to both of you, and also Happy New Year. How often have we spoken about the time we would see each other again soon; we can only hope that this wish will become true this year, and also, that you, dear Mrs Kossmann will meet your siblings and children again. But above all, the new year should bring you health, peace, no more upsets and only happiness.

We hope to hear good news from you soon and leave this agony of not knowing behind. Meanwhile our thoughts are with you. One more solid Birthday kiss to you.