Postkarte an

Mr. Martin Marx

1718 E. 55.th. Street

Chicago Ill. U.S.A.

Frankiert m. 4 Pf. Hindenburg blau, 12 Pf. Hindenburg rot.

Die Karte trägt einen Absender-Stempel „Carl Nachmann, Langenlonsheim (Nahe), überschrieben mit Jacob (= Job) FfM Beethovenstr. 8

18. X. 1938

Lieber Martin!

Wenn´s klappt sehen wir uns Anfang nächsten Jahres. Bitte teile mir mal mit, was im Foto Fach brauchbar ist – bitte opfere mal 1 Stunde Zeit. Kuß Else

Lieber Martin! Besten Gruß Dein Onkel Salomon.

Rand Es bleibt nicht mehr viel Platz für mich my darling; ich schreibe Dir nächstens mal mehr. Herzlichst Ruth


Dear Martin,

I received your Sept 25 letter and I would like to thank you, also on behalf of the family for your warm words regarding the passing of my beloved mother. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly; I was just visiting your family with Else when I got the telegram that my mother had suffered a stroke. We promptly went to see her, but found her unconscious; a few hours later she passed without ever coming to again. I don’t need to tell you how we felt and still feel; you are familiar with this through your own experience. Mrs. Kossmann was with us during these days and said your family, especially your father was doing well; tomorrow I will see them myself. Even if we do not see one another as often as we used to in GG, we are very close, and once the time comes that your family wants to go over there, I hope to be able to help you with that. We hope to get our appointment in Stuttgart in December and to travel by February. I usually read your letters in GG and so I stay in touch with you, even if we do not write so often. Let us know about you soon; warm greetings and kisses from Job.

Dear Martin,

If it all works, we see each other early next year. Please let me know what the opportunities in the photo branch are. – please spend an hour or so with that. Kiss from Else.

Dear Martin,

Warm greetings from Uncle Salomon.

On the margin: There is not much space left for me, my darling. Next time I write more. Love Ruth.