My Darlings,

Tomorrow it will be 6 years that I had stepped onto American ground the first time. Back then I did not think it would take this long to see you again. And even today, the outlook is far from rosy. Because of the closing of the American Consulate it is impossible to get visas in Germany. The local Aid Office has nothing and the Committee in New York I asked said that I would get the forms for the new request only if the respective emigrants were living in an area where there is an American Consulate, or if they had the clear possibility to move to such an area to request their visas.

It could be that the local authorities can find a different solution, but anyway, try to move into a neutral area for the sake of the visa requests. Try to get visas from the Portuguese, French or Spanish consulates. I have just spoken with the local Portuguese consulate but they could not give me any information. Either way, let me know right away about which options you have; meanwhile I will write to Washington; perhaps you can go to Lisbon to request your visas from there, and I want to find out if I can get the forms for the new papers this way.

We received your letter of July 7 on the 21st, so in relatively short time. Hopefully you got our letters in the meantime. We were glad to hear that you have received the packages. Here it is hot, holiday and mosquito season. My boss, too, has gone on holiday this week. You can tell from this long letter that the business is quiet. Else called me to let me know that Seppel Loeb and wife are currently in Chicago and we will meet them tomorrow. Mitzi would have liked to write to you too, but Monday night we had visitors, so she did not have time. A brother of her father, Bernhard Hesky who lives in Los Angeles is on a trip to New York here and wanted to see our home and films. Mitzi’s raspberry crème was a huge success again. I would love to send you, dear Hede a little of it for your birthday, but it is not possible now to send any packages. Anyway, I wish you a very happy Birthday, will write more next time. I must take the letter to the mailbox now. Stay healthy.