November 17, 1941

To Martin's Family

Meine Lieben,

We had to wait so long to hear from you. Your last letter was from Sept 30, so we were so happy to receive your telegram at last on Nov 10. Sadly, the news in it was not as great as we had hoped; now we are anxiously waiting to hear about Hede’s exit permit. Meanwhile we hope you are healthy and that the weather is just as mild there as it is here.

The month of November is very special for us here as we will both receive our citizenship papers on my birthday, Nov 15 (or they will be at least processing them). Thursday it is Thanksgiving dinner in the family with turkey, Friday is our first wedding anniversary, Saturday we are invited to Henry, Mitzi’s brother, Monday is their mother’s birthday (not to forget Uncle Salmon’s on the 30th). I’ve got many presents from Mitzi (among others she fixed two pairs of house shoes for me) and has also invited me to the theatre in the evening. On Sunday, although the weather was beautiful, we did not go to the dunes, as Mitzi thought it would be too much for the baby. We have not gone outdoors for the last two months. Instead, we visited the Museum of Natural Sciences and looked embryos in alcohol. These were definitely no beauties, but we were convinced ours would turn out the most beautiful being. Last night the Nachmanns visited us, and jokingly we made some innuendos concerning the offspring, but they would not believe us. Apparently they would not trust I was capable. Well, we’ll show them! Now I have to close, so we can be well rested for our great day tomorrow.