Hi All,

After a long pause I finally got your letter of Dec 2, and was glad to hear you are doing well. Hopefully the winter is not too cold.

Thank you very much for all the things you’d like to give us, but we are actually fully set up, and with the many presents we received, we are really not lacking anything. Had we more, the place would burst. We received a rug from the Nachmanns; we used it to connect the living room with the dining room. From Bertha Reinach we got a crystal plate yesterday, and the woman with the shop at the beach gave us a great set of records (Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, all our friends envy us for this one). About the other presents I have already written to you. Meanwhile I took some pictures of the apartment and I am sending you some of these with this letter. You had asked for the address of Herz and Elfriede; they still live in the Windermere Hotel East, Hyde Park Blvd and 64th St. On the 19th Max Herz has his birthday, but he has never yet congratulated to your birthday, dear Father.

The idea that I should take over Harry’s shop is fantastic; I would love to see the faces if I mentioned this to them. Last week I visited Bertha and Susi the first time and now I ought to do so with the Winters. Have I told you already that Richard Winter has got engaged? We celebrated New Years with friends from the Huette on the north side at Forsts and devoured a giant turkey. It was wonderful and we slept in the next day until 4 p.m. In the shop it is quiet now and so I have time to take inventory. My boss is on holiday for a few days to recover from the Christmas sales. BTW, the Bernburgers wrote me a very nice letter; I will see to it now that I respond. You should thank them in the meantime for it. Mitzi sends her greetings; she could not write because last night we came home very late and the mail will soon have to be picked up. In 15 minutes. Greetings to all and stay healthy.