Dear All,

Sunday morning we were rudely awaken from sleep, but at last the papers for the tickets for the ship have arrived. Naturally I went to the travel bureau of the Central National Bank first thing Monday morning, and reserved the tickets for the American Export line, and sent you a telegram about this to you. I paid a total of $765 for the tickets, the tax, the Portugal exit fee and the telegram. If there are further travel costs, for example for the train tickets, just let me know so I can transfer these by telegram. But this can still wait until you receive the visas. The Lisbon office will contact you directly and give you the earliest possible seats on the ship. Anyways, as soon as you get the visas, go to Lisbon, where you can stay for a few weeks and perhaps find an earlier ship and get the seats booked for that if you can. I root for you so that it all goes well in Stuttgart.

Has Mrs Kossmann sent a telegram to her family yet? I have not found the address and I need to dig up all the old letters for it and write to them and send a copy to the Am. Express Line. Please let me know your travel date; for I won’t get any more news from the travel office; all future correspondence is directly between them and you.

So, this is what the great wake-up call was about. Saturday night we visited Justin and had a great time, and on Sunday Stanley picked us up and we had supper in Highland Park hosted by Herbert Schaffner. Stanley and Richard with wife and girlfriend, Sidney and Sofie Winter, Bertha, Susi, and her medicine student from Vienna, who has just arrived from Cuba last week: Herbert had a full house. He has three sweet children: Jimmy-9, Phyllis-6 and Dorothy-3. Dorothy is the sweetest child one can imagine – with red cheeks that look like a painting. It was a beautiful and gemütlich evening, and the turkey wasn’t bad either. Mitzi said that she has never had such a great time with Americans before.

I have to stop now: my boss is staring at me because I have been writing so long. By the way, he sends his greetings and hopes to see you here soon.

Hope to get news from you soon. Stay healthy and say hello to all from me.