11-06-1941-Tante Sophie

November 6, 1941

To Tante Sophie

Dear Aunt Sophie,

I have heard from several sources that you are in New York and now I have got your address from Aunt Selma, too. It has been too long since we have heard from each other, and so many things happened in the meantime! Hope you are doing well, at least health wise, and that also Margot and Uncle Jacob are well. As I learned from Louisville, your family will soon arrive – hopefully really soon. I already had tickets for October for Father and Hede, but with the closing of the American consulate their trip was no longer possible. Now I am trying to get them to Cuba; hopefully Hede gets her exit permit (she is under 45) and hopefully I am not too late to prevent their deportation to Poland. During the last spring I promised Aunt Hans that I would contribute to her trip, but with the closing of the American consulate things have changed and now I must ensure that I get the money for the Cuba emigration together. Nothing but problems everywhere! What are you and the Steergers doing in New York? I work (as you can tell from the letterhead) in a photo shop, and apart from the long workdays until 9, I am content. During the first 2 years, I worked in several businesses, but since then I have been in the photo branch, which I was always already interested in. 2 years ago I was for a few weeks in Texas where I wanted to get into a different business, but nothing came from that. Since then I am with Solotin. A year ago (Nov 21, to be exact) I made the best decision of my life – I got married! Mitzi – the sweetest thing on God’s earth! You must have heard the gossip about it. We both work and have a nice 2 room apartment and could not be happier, except for the constant worry about our family. By the way, Mitzi’s parents and brother live here in Chicago, too. Now I must go; my lunch break is over. Next time I write more.