My Darlings,

As I can tell from your May 7 letter, you are doing well, which I can report about us as well. We are slowly getting our summer tan, although the summer season officially begins only on Decoration Day. That is the day where all men are wearing new straw hats. Just as suddenly the season ends on Labor Day when the straw hats are tossed away. So much about American customs.

Business is getting busy and we have a lot of work in the new sports department as well. Sunday is the general day for confirmation party. My boss` daughter will also have her confirmation that day.

Last week I got news from Rudo who is still in Noe. He is hoping to be able to come here soon with his mother. Albert and his wife will take care of the sponsorship. The crossing at least to Martinique can be paid for from there, too. Please find out if you can help them somehow. Hopefully it is not yet too late, for one can never know how long the ships will still go Marseille-Martinique. From Rudo I heard also that Erna married a Swiss man, and that Herbert is in Morocco. Albert is in New Haven, Connecticut and I wrote to him to find out how it is going with the sponsorship. I must stop now; the shop is full of customers, and the letter must be posted. Let me know what response you`ve received from Stuttgart and if you need any other papers. Stay healthy; Mitzi sends her greetings.