Dear Mr. Marx,

Please pardon the little delay in responding, but I wanted to get a response from the factory, or rather the distributor first.

On the subject of the Zeiss telescope, I'd ask for exact specifications on which model you're interested in. I don't work with that factory, but I can potentially still order it through the distributor.

I can deliver the desired Leica with the settings in feet, and the price is the same as that of the respective German model.

Leica Model III (up to 1/500 sec.) with Summar 1:2, chrome: 367 Mark

Leica Model IIIa (up to 1/1000 sec.) with Summar 1:2, chrome: 387 Mark

Carrying case: 14 Mark

The delivery time for these is around 4-6 weeks according to the factory.

The enlargements you ordered will follow separately.

I would look forward to filling your valued order. Yours sincerely, [Signature]