Martin berichtet nochmals zum Jahresende 1939/1940 insbesondere über die berufliche Auslastung und lange Arbeitszeit während des florierenden Weihnachtsgeschäfts 1939.

Martin Marx

1718 E. 55th Street Chicago, Illinois, Dec. 18, 1939

Hi all,

I've got nothing new to report today. Have not received any mail from you – everything takes longer now. Hopefully you are all well. Is it very cold over there? So far, we have had an amazingly mild winter here; probably it'll compensate by being colder than usual in January. Business is booming, of course, around Christmas now. We work almost every day until 9 pm; also Sundays. So, I do not see much of the relatives. On Friday I saw Job and Else; the others were at a Chanukkah celebration. His bread business is going well, but he can sell only so much, since he meets his customers mornings, so he has to work hard, too. They had received your card and were very happy about it.

Otherwise I have nothing to tell you – and in addition it is late and I worry that I disturb my roommate with my loud typing. Once more happy birthday to you, dear father, and Frau Kossmann I hope at least some of your wishes for the New Year will be fulfilled and a Happy New Year to you, dear Hede, as well, and to all the friends over there.