My Darlings,

Spring has sprung and I hope it will bring you new power and hope as well. In such beautiful weather I do not feel much like working; I would love to go for a walk outside. Hope at least you are doing so often enough. Sunday I could not go to the dunes for my boss’ community had their yearly dinner and I was their cameraman. Mitzi was there to help me. She liked it most when the waiters brought in the ice cream after dinner. They turned off the lights and each waiter carried a giant frozen letter with lights which they set up in a way that spelled the name of the community. I did not see much of the stage performance afterwards, as I was busy taking photos.

Otherwise one day is just like the other. I did not get any mail from you this week. I enclose two pictures of Seder; they did not turn out as good as I hoped, but I still think you will like them.

Hope to hear some good news from you soon. Stay healthy and say hello to the Frankfurt people from me. Many greetings from Mitzi and her parents.