My Darlings,

Last week I received no mail from you and can only hope you are alright. Today I also wrote to Aunt Hans after I heard from Albert that he had sent off the paperwork. Hopefully not too late, as the ships to Martinique have now stopped. The only possibility would be via Spain or Portugal, which is now overcrowded. As to your own emigration, I will put together a new sponsorship with Mitzi this week just in case there is an issue. We will send the papers both by diplomatic mail as well as by airmail to Stuttgart, just to be sure.

Have you got an appointment yet from the Consulate? Write to them so that your trip does not have to be delayed. As soon as you receive your visas, let me know if there are any additional costs I could pay from here, the train trip or stay in Lisbon, for example. Hopefully your tickets for Oct 17 for the ship are safe.

Last week Berthel F. wrote that she and her husband are the first ones to get a job at an Indian reservation in Washington State and that they will stop by next Sunday here in Chicago on their way there. Same day is Richard’s sister’s wedding with just the family, so I am not sure if we will be invited. Uncle Max sent me the cheque he had promised from Louisville; he seems to enjoy his new position in a textile house.

I must stop now, as I am writing this, as usual, in the shop and the customers are coming and I also have to get my letter to the mailbox.

Greetings to all friends and acquaintances.