Martin Marx schreibt an seine Familie in Frankfurt, gratuliert seinem Vater zum Geburtstag und gibt seiner Hoffnung Ausdruck, dass dies der letzte Geburtstag vor der Flucht in die U.S.A. sein soll.

Schallplattenaufnahmen von seiner Hochzeit mit Mitzi Hesky hat er nicht verschickt, da sie auf dem Transport zerbrechen könnten, Hochzeitsphotos aber werden folgen. Er stellt die Eltern, Geschwister und Verwandten seiner Frau vor und, was sie früher in Deutschland beruflich unternahmen und wie sie jetzt in den U.S.A. ihr Geld verdienen. Der Vater Hesky hatte ein Fahrrad- und Motorradgeschäft in München und eine Fahrradkettenfabrik in Schwenningen, Mitzis Onkel ist jetzt Kantor im deutschen Gottesdienst.

Dear All,

First of all, I would like to congratulate to your birthday, dear father. I wish you all the best, especially good health, and our greatest wish is that we can soon be together again. I would have liked to send you records from our wedding, but I worry that they would break during the transport, or not at all be delivered. Hope you have recovered successfully, and that you pay close attention to your health. Mitzi would have liked to write to you, too, but as I have returned home late, her family was here to visit, and then it turned too late for writing. But they all send their greetings and best wishes to you.

Yesterday we got a letter from Bernburg and your letter of Nov 18 has also arrived. Once more thank you very much for your good wishes; I am convinced you will like my wife a lot once you get to meet her. About her family, I believe I have written already, that her father had a bicycle and motorbike shop in Munich and a factory of bicycle chains in Schwenningen. Currently he does not work; or rather, he is working hard in the household. The brother trained with Bamberger & Herz, and now he is a waiter. The sister is in Pittsburgh, married to a mining engineer who is now switching to air conditioners. The Uncle, Adolf Hesky has a wonderful voice; he is cantor in the German church and he also sang beautifully at our wedding.

I spoke to Lilo Koch’s aunt on the phone and told her that the grandparents know about her illness. Anyway, she is in best health again in the meantime.

Thank you so much, Hede and Mrs Kossmann for the good wishes. As soon as I have some time, I will take pictures of our new home and send them to you. But now there is a lot to do before Christmas. Celebrate your birthday in the hope that this is the last one we have to spend separated. Stay healthy and greetings to all friends.