My darlings,

Yesterday I received your letter of March 28 (via South America) while the other letter of April 3 arrived already on the 17th. Direct air mail is faster than going via South America.

With regard to the sponsorship I will not do anything until I heard from you what Stuttgart said. If they do not ask for an accreditation, I do not have to produce one. I only hope all will go smoothly and I cannot wait for the day when you set foot on American soil. You wrote it was not easy to get train tickets for the ride to Lisbon. I assume for each ship departing they will produce enough train tickets, but anyways, we still have time for that until summer.

Glad to hear Aunt Hans is doing better now; your letter has arrived just in time to redirect the package.

Here we are into the Spring, full force, our courtyard became fast overnight green, and our house covered in flowers is even more beautiful. That however does not mean that we do not have tropical heat one day, while the next day freezing temperatures. Last Friday I visited the Nachmanns with Mitzi and the parents, for they had birthday. Like always, there were lots of people there. Sunday we were invited for lunch to the Winters nd had a nice afternoon. Later we accompanied Stanley and his wife to their place where we had dinner. So could Mitzi at last get to see some of my relatives which she enjoyed very much. We have been married for 5 months already and still not divorced! We still find the titles husband and wife a little strange.