Maschinenschriflicher Brief von Job (keine Transkription erforderlich; lediglich für die handschriftlichen Einträge dazwischen und unten und am Rand)

Lieber Martin.

Mit Deinem Brief und schönen Bild haben wir uns sehr gefreut und besonders, dass hieraus entnahm, dass es dir gut geht. Auch von mir kann Dir gesundheitlich gleiches berichten. Hier sind wir schon ganz gut eingelebt, nur fehlt auch ein gutes Einkommen. Heute hatten wir auch Brief von Flörsheimer´s, die sich jetzt ganz glücklich bei ihren Kindern in Frankreich fühlen. Sonst neues, weiß ich Dir nicht viel zu schreiben, da Du ja alles von Deinem Vater mitgeteilt bekommst. Grüße mir bitte alle unsre Verwandten dorten, auch Karl Kahn und sei Du besonders gegrüßt von deinem Onkel Salomon.


Lieber Martin, Du bist ja ein Künstler, das Bild ist wirklich schön. Hoffentlich wird es bald sowie auf dem Bild. Grüße bitte alle Bekannte und sei Du geküsst von Deiner Cousine Hanna. Laß bald wieder mal etwas von Dir hören.

Dear Martin,

Thank you very much for your kind lines and birthday wishes. Nice of you that you remembered us. Your letter arrived promptly on the 16th. I was particularly happy about the wonderful picture that you had made. You can’t imagine how proudly I showed it to all; that was my best birthday present. Thanks so much.-

We turned into big-city people now and feel well settled here already; it is always like this, one can get more easily used to something better than something worse; but we will have to get used to that, too, nothing will save us from it. We always hear good news from Sally; meanwhile he must have been to Chicago and talked with you; I am very excited to hear your report about that. Since we moved, it was the first time on the first Easter day, that all of us, with Schloime, visited GG. Your loved ones are doing great; your Papa still plays Skat as well as before; he tested us whether we haven’t forgotten how to play in the meantime; We do not play as often here as we used to, in GG. Last night we did play once more with an acquaintance from our branch who lives nearby (we beat him). I am sure you have learned all the news from the GG reports, also that Heini will already leave on the 8th of May, provided he gets his visa in Stuttgart, but I don’t think there will be any problems. His family will stay here, temporarily, until he can let them come after him, may God allow it as his family has many difficulties here, the situation is hopeless. If everything works, we hope to leave this year as well because it is terrible when you have nothing to do and don’t know how to kill time.-

I am always happy to hear from your letters that you are doing well; your current job seems to be the right one for you and I wish that you can become well established and progress in it. When you, by the time we arrive there, will have become already independent, Else can help you as she is quite good at this. She has bought an enlargement tool and did quite nice things with it.

Nun, dear Martin, let us again know how you are doing and for today, warm greetings and kisses, Job.

Dear Martin,

Thanks a lot for the nice picture that has made us all very happy, and for the good wishes which we can always use. These grand festivities passed by without much ado; On Saturday the Gerau clan was here; you already got the report that on Sunday we went to visit the old country; on Monday, on my birthday we were in Langenlonsheim. So the days roll by. You get older and just keep waiting; hopefully we can think about going already this year. And how are you, dear Martin, hopefully healthy and happy; you have still not gained any weight, even though it seems your cottage chef keeps feeding you guys well, with all sorts of delicacies. Write to us more often, it makes us always very happy, you know that, don’t you. Be well, warm greetings and kisses, Else.

A typed letter from Job (a transcript isn’t needed except for the hand-written parts in between and on the margins)

Dear Martin,

Your letter and beautiful picture made us very happy, especially as we could tell from them that you were doing great. Health wise, I am doing well, too. We are well settled here, only the income is missing. Today we received a letter from the Flörsheimer´s who feel very happy with their children in France. I have not much else to write you about, since you get all the news from your father. Give my greetings to all over there, also Karl Kahn, and special greetings to you from Uncle Salomon.


Dear Martin,

You are a true artist, you picture is so beautiful. Hopefully, soon reality will look that good like on the picture, too. Give my greetings to all, and kisses to you from your cousin Hanna. Write to us again.