My Darlings,

Yesterday I received your letter of May 19, in which you confirmed receipt of my letter of April 30. So it seems, the post is working again fairly normal. We were glad to hear that you, dear father, are feeling better and hope to hear more from Julius Kahn. I have not heard anything from Trudel Blum yet, and also Albert has not responded despite several letters sent to him. Hopefully he has sent the sponsorship to Aunt Hans and Rudo. Have you got any news from Stuttgart in the meantime, for, if you’ll have your appointment in July or August, then it is about time to get the papers in order.

Last Friday, Decoration Day, we went to the Dunes and I had my first swim in Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, I had to work Saturday and Sunday and so I did not see Mitzi all that time; she stayed at the Dunes. It was a great moment when we met again after our first time being separated.

We got so well used to one another that, when Mitzi had a little cold last week, I promptly got it from her and provided company to her. I have no news about the family as I do not see the Americans.

Richard Winter wants to get married in June and I will call Stanley about the date. I should convey you greetings from Hilde Guthmann who visited us with a few friends last week and admired our films about the cottage.

Warm greetings also from the in-laws and Mitzi. Stay healthy.