From Job Nachmann
(no date found)

Dear Martin,
Today we got a special visit from Bad Neuheim; namely, your papa visited us from his spa holiday.  He looks great, retirement seems to become him.  I have also had the chance to read your last letter during his visit; it always makes me happy to hear that you are doing well, and that there is so much action at your bachelor pad.  L. Martin, I gave the dates of birth to uncle Max Herz about 6 weeks ago, but have received no answer as of yet. Our papers are already in Stuttgart, and that’s why I would very much like to have the letters from Grandpa Schlome, etc. there as well.  It is of course possible that sometimes a letter gets lost.  That’s why I am sending you the information one more time below:
Salomon Marx, born in Nauheim November 30, 1863
Johanna Helene Schwarz Widow, born in Gross Gerau Oct 3, 1894
Ruth Grete Schwartz, born in Mannheim-Neckarau Juni 15, 1921
Address for all 3: Ffm, Beethovenstrasse 8.
I am asking you to talk with Uncle Max about this and let me know how it is going.
We see each other soon: stay healthy and warm greetings from all, especially from your Job.
Handwritten note:
Dear Martin,
Warm greetings from Uncle Salomon.  Also give my greetings to all our people over there. S.M.